Ukrainian sniper sets world record for most accurate shot using Ukrainian MCR Horizon’s Lord rifle

According to some Ukrainian Telegram channels and media, a Ukrainian special forces soldier has set a new world record for a well-aimed shot from a sniper weapon in real combat. A soldier of the SBU Alpha special forces unit, whose name has not been disclosed, hit the enemy at a distance of 3,800 meters.

The record shot was made from a Ukrainian rifle MCR Horizon’s Lord of 12.7×114 mm HL caliber. The reality of the record-breaking shot was confirmed by a well-known weapons expert, now a senior lieutenant of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Taras Oliynyk, but without any details, which are being withheld for security reasons.

The previous world record for the most accurate shot was set in 2017 by an unnamed Canadian Special Forces soldier from Joint Task Force 2 using a McMillan TAC-50 .50 BMG (API) rifle. The range of that shot was 3,540 meters. The Ukrainian soldier improved the record by 260 meters.

This is not the only longest shot made by Ukrainian snipers.
The 4th place in the list of record shots goes to an unnamed soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine, who in November 2022 hit the enemy from a distance of 2,710 meters. Notably, they also used a Ukrainian-made rifle, the XADO Snipex Alligator of 14.5×114 mm caliber.

We congratulate Ukrainian shooters and designers on these achievements.

At one time, Taras Oliynyk tested the MCR Horizon’s Lord rifle and filmed a video for the IBIS Weapons and Hunting YouTube channel.

As a reminder, Horizon’s Lord is a multi-purpose, multi-caliber sniper rifle developed with the participation of Ukraine’s leading snipers, engineers from Horizon’s Lord, Bartlein Barrels Inc. and ARC Ballistics (UK). A special 12.7×114 mm HL cartridge was developed for the rifle.

Actually, this rifle is available in several calibers: .416Barrett; .460Steyr; 12.7x99NATO; 12.7×108; 12.7×114″HL”; 14.5×114 and 23×115 mm. The latter caliber is essentially a small-caliber projectile, the use of which turns the rifle into a small-caliber cannon. Interestingly, to change the caliber, it is enough to replace only the barrel and a few parts.

The weight of the MCR Horizon’s Lord rifle is 16.7 kg, the length with the stock folded is 1.52 m, and the length when deployed is 1.82 m. The maximum claimed range of the rifle is 3,200 meters (which, as we can see, has already been surpassed). The effective range of a sniper shot is 2500 meters.