A team of researchers from Australia, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands conducted a survey that found that the faces of people with white skin generated by artificial intelligence look more realistic than the faces of real people.

As reported by The Guardian, 124 people who participated in the survey identified 66% of the AI-generated photos of people with white skin as real people, while only 51% of the photos of real people were real.

When survey participants were shown generated and real photos of people with a different skin tone, the results for both real photos and AI-generated photos were about 51%.

The researchers believe that this difference in determining the reality of a person and the plausibility of photos created by artificial intelligence is due to the fact that the AI was trained mostly with photos of people with white skin.

Despite the fact that the survey participants were not very successful in distinguishing between real people and AIs, the research team created a special machine learning system that can distinguish between them with an accuracy of 94%.