Amazon introduces Astro robot for business – it will “work” as a security guard

Amazon has unveiled a new version of the Astro robot aimed at businesses that costs $2,350. In this way, the company aims to give new life to a product that is slowly gaining popularity among consumers, writes Bloomberg.

The new model is focused on working as a mobile security guard. It costs $750 more than the consumer version that was launched two years ago. The wheeled device has a flat screen, a camera, and can respond to Alexa voice commands. But since its launch, the robot has been more of a niche product that many consumers didn’t even know about.

With the new version, the robot can have a clearer application – it will help companies monitor their premises. The device is capable of patrolling 5,000 square feet (465 square meters) of territory, compared to 3,500 square feet in the consumer version.

By the way, it has recently become known that Amazon is planning to start delivering drones in the UK and Italy in 2024. It also intends to expand this service in the United States. It is not yet known in which locations the company wants to make such deliveries, but it is expected to make an announcement in the coming months.