Amazon plans to launch drone delivery in the UK and Italy in 2024. It also intends to expand this service in the United States. It also intends to expand this service in the United States, reports Engadget.

So far, the company has not named the locations in which it wants to make such deliveries. The company is preparing to make a corresponding announcement in the next few months.

However, it is known that so far we are talking about one location in the UK and another in Italy. For the US, the new location will be the third after the launch of the service in California and Texas.

At the same time, Amazon has announced that it plans to use the MK30 drone for delivery. Compared to previous drones, this model is lighter, quieter, smaller, and has twice the range. The MK30 has improved resistance to high and low temperatures and can operate in light rain. In addition, the drone is able to identify and avoid obstacles.

By the way, recently the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed a lawsuit against the global giant Amazon. The company is accused of violating antitrust laws.