Last year’s power outages in Ukraine were caused not only by missile attacks, but also by what appears to be a coordinated cyberattack on one of the energy facilities. This was reported by analysts at Mandiant, a Google company, according to The Register.

It refers to the events in Ukraine last October. Back then, a wave of Russian missile attacks on our country’s energy system caused large-scale power outages.

According to Mandiant, it was during this time that a two-day attack on one of the energy facilities took place. In its research, the company does not name the location that was attacked. However, it indicates that the Sandworm group of hackers, which is linked to Russian intelligence, is behind the cyberattack.

The attackers provoked a power outage at the facility and then used malware to destroy the traces of the hack.

Earlier, it was reported that pro-Russian hackers Winter Vivern attacked the mailboxes of government agencies in Europe.