The hardcore sci-fi role-playing game Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game, developed by Ukrainians, has been released from Early Access and is now available on Steam and On the occasion of the release, the game received a new trailer.

Colony Ship is the third role-playing game by Iron Tower Studio, a distributed team of developers from around the world, assembled by Ukrainian Vince D. Weller, who has been living and working in Canada since 1993. Among the developers are several other Ukrainians from Kyiv, Rivne, and Odesa.

Colony Ship is a highly complex role-playing game with turn-based battles and a non-linear storyline inspired by Robert Heinlein’s novel Orphans of the Sky. Colony Ship can be considered a kind of Wasteland in space on a generational ship, but even more complex and challenging. If you’ve played Iron Tower Studio’s previous games, The Age of Decadence and Dungeon Rats, you understand what is meant. Although this time the game has an easy mode with big bonuses for the player’s party.

The development of Colony Ship lasted 7 years and the authors are proud that the game performed well during the Early Access and has almost no glitches.

In honor of the release, Colony Ship is available on Steam with a 25% discount until November 16, 2023, for 555 UAH. In addition, you can evaluate the demo version of the game before buying. Currently, Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game has very favorable player reviews and a Steam rating of 86/100 (with 999 reviews), or even 93/100 over the past month (91 reviews).