Ukrainian game Erra: Exordium is now available on Steam

Ukrainian 2D action Erra: Exordium by Fair Pixel has been released from Steam Early Access.

Erra: Exordium is a pixelated 2D action game in a strange setting of noisy Akkadian dieselpunk. The game can be perceived as a kind of 2D Souls-like game, as ammo and resources are very limited, and some enemies can kill the protagonist with almost one hit.

You play as a hero whose consciousness has been transferred into a mechanical shell and must find out what is really behind the apocalypse that destroyed this world.

Erra: Exordium once won the Critics’ Choice Award at the Indie Cup Ukraine’22 festival of Ukrainian indie games. In April 2023, the game appeared in Steam’s Early Access, and now the project has finally been fully released.

We’d like to remind you that we once did an interview with the developers of Erra: Exordium developers, where, among other things, they told us how they chose the setting of noisy Akkadian dieselpunk for the game.

In honor of the release, Erra: Exordium is available at a 10% discount for UAH 239. Currently, the game has positive player reviews and a Steam rating of 90/100 based on 41 reviews.