The Steam game store is considering introducing a new feature that will allow users to mark individual games as private, hiding them from their friends and the public. This feature was hinted at by Pavel Djundik, the creator of the SteamDB tool who published a screenshot showing the “Mark as Private” option in the game’s menu.

Steam may allow to hide games that a player is ashamed of

This option would allow users to keep certain games away from prying eyes due to their embarrassing nature, long game duration, or adult content.

Currently, Steam’s privacy settings are comprehensive and allow users to set their entire profile, game details, and other items to Public, Friends Only, or Private. However, the proposed feature will give users the ability to selectively hide games from their profile. This approach to privacy can be especially useful for those who want to maintain a certain image or simply keep their passion for erotic games private.

The introduction of customized privacy settings in games follows Valve’s broader move toward more private default settings, which has affected data collection tools such as Steam Spy. It is not yet known how this new privacy option will affect statistics tools such as SteamDB or adult game sales on the platform.