The graphical editor GIMP has received a new update 2.10.36, which, according to the developers, may be one of the last before the release of a new major version 3.0.

2.10.36 added support for palettes from Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) and Adobe Color Book (ACB), as well as for non-square GIF files. The developers also made general improvements and fixed some bugs.

Another innovation is the FG to Transparent (Hardedge) gradient. With the Gradient tool, you can create patterns very quickly using the Repeat option, alternating repeating color shapes with full transparency on a given background.

In addition, in the blog post announcing the new update, the developers said that the team is already actively working on the next major update 3.0, and that 2.10.36 will most likely be the penultimate version before it.

Currently, the update is available only for Linux and Windows devices, with a MacOS version coming later. You can download GIMP from the official website.