This was simultaneously reported by several sources: Autocar, Autoevolution, Carscoops. It is about organizing the production of Tesla’s smallest electric car (currently known as Tesla Model 2, although this is not yet the final version of the name) at the company’s plant near Berlin. Also, the design of the future Tesla Model 2 is not yet known, but there are several third-party renders that use completely different design styles.

What is known for sure is the strategic goal in terms of cost – to meet the initial price tag of 25 thousand euros or $26.5-27 thousand. To achieve this ambitious goal, Tesla is seeking to change the production methods of the Tesla Model 2 again, introduce a new platform and thus reduce the cost of the Tesla Model 2 by about $1000, as well as simplify the assembly of the electric vehicle.

If the plans come to fruition, this will soon increase production at Tesla’s German factory from the current 250,000 electric vehicles per year to 1 million electric vehicles per year. This will further contribute to the achievement of the next strategic goal for 2030 – the production of 4 million affordable Tesla Model 2 electric vehicles annually and reaching the overall plan to produce 20 million Tesla electric vehicles of all models annually.