In a letter to investors, Remedy Studio shared new details about Control 2, Max Payne 1/2 remake, and two other unannounced projects, writes VGC.

Control 2 is currently at the proof of concept stage. The studio has ambitious plans for the sequel, and now the developers are seeing significant progress in both the design and assembly of the game.

The remake of Max Payne and Max Payne 2 has entered the development stage. The studio has already decided on the style and scale of the games and a well-organized team is already working on them.

The Condor project, a cooperative multiplayer game, is also at the stage of readiness for development. The studio has gained valuable insights into service game development and is now better equipped to create the game.

Another unannounced project with the working title Vanguard is currently at the concept stage. The developers are also communicating with the publisher about further actions.

Unfortunately, there are no details on when we can expect the release of any of the games.