Linux kernel version 6.6 has been officially released, and Linus Torvalds talked about it in a new blog post.

According to The Register, the new kernel version of the KSMBD server for the SMB network protocol has new features for file sharing and improved interprocess communication in Linux.

Also in 6.6 is support for Intel’s Shadow Stack technology, which will also work with AMD processors. Another improvement for owners of AMD devices is support for Dynamic Boost Control, which will allow better optimization of Ryzen processors.

Other updates include drivers for HP laptops that will allow users to change BIOS settings directly from Linux and the addition of the Earliest Eligible Virtual Deadline First scheduler, which will improve the performance of AMD Bergamo and Intel multi-core processors.

Version 6.6 is expected to have long-term support, and the merge window for the next version 6.7 will open tomorrow. Linus said that the next version may be more difficult to implement because he is currently traveling and the holiday season is about to begin.