Vertigo Games has demonstrated the first gameplay trailer of VR zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine 2 and announced the game’s release date.

Arizona Sunshine 2 is a sequel to the quite popular VR zombie shooter Arizona Sunshine, which was released in 2016 and showed quite good sales despite the low prevalence of VR headsets at the time. According to SteamDB, the game has been purchased by 366 thousand to 1.39 million users, which is really a lot for VR.

In the second part, which will be released for PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest and Steam VR headsets, the player, along with his faithful NPC dog, has to destroy hordes of zombies and search for patient zero in a variety of ways. Arizona Sunshine 2 has a storyline campaign that can be played alone with an NPC dog or in online cooperative mode.

Arizona Sunshine 2 is scheduled for release on all platforms on December 7, 2023.