Amazon is testing AI tools to help advertisers beautify photos of their products

Amazon is testing AI tools that will allow advertisers to decorate images of their products, reports The Verge.

The new technology will make it easy to create backgrounds or scenes around the product being offered for sale. Amazon claims that the new feature is “designed to remove creative barriers and allow brands to create lifestyle images that will help increase the effectiveness of their advertising.”

This can be a quick and convenient solution for brands that would otherwise be forced to work with boring product images on a white background. Amazon claims that placing products on a new background can lead to a 40% increase in the number of clicks.

“This solution is helpful for advertisers of all sizes — enabling those that do not have in-house capabilities or agency support to more easily create brand-themed imagery,” Amazon wrote. “The image generation capability is easy to use and requires no technical expertise.”

The tool works really simply: the user enters a short query and receives several results to choose from.

Amazon is planning to launch drone delivery in the UK and Italy in 2024. It also intends to expand this service in the United States.