It seems that Infiniti is preparing for a global leap forward into the world of electric vehicles. The flagship and symbol of this should be the Infiniti Vision Qe concept car: a harbinger of a large electric sedan, as if it were the successor to the once famous Infiniti Q70 and Infiniti M45 models.

The Infiniti Vision Qe concept car not only demonstrates the desire to create a streamlined fastback sedan with a dynamic silhouette, but also demonstrates Infiniti’s new design for electric vehicles. The main design element of the Infiniti Vision Qe is a wide and massive “chin”, which is emphasized by contour lighting. However, other elements also attract attention: headlights and lights with stripes in the style of “piano keys”, large wheels with wide oblique spokes, etc.

Interestingly, in the published images of the Infiniti Vision Qe concept, several other cars can also be seen next to it. For example, a large SUV that is soon to become a production Infiniti QX80 – approximately in 2024.

However, two other crossovers look more interesting, with their silhouettes appearing in the background. One of them is expected to be called the Infiniti QX65 and will be the successor to the Infiniti FX: a mid-size coupe-like crossover with a traditional internal combustion engine. But the second crossover may be fully electric – with the conventional name Infiniti Vision QXe.

Probably, more details will appear later, when the production models will be prepared for the start of production. But for now, it looks like Infiniti has finally outlined its future plans for the next few years – and we’re in for a lot of interesting models!