Colossal Order, the developers of Cities: Skylines 2, said that the game was created with the aim of getting 30 FPS. According to them, there is no real need for higher FPS in a game like this. This was reported by PC Gamer.

Skylines 2 was released yesterday, and many users on the web started complaining that even with the best PC specs, the game runs at 25-30 FPS. The developers explained that this was their goal, and they aimed to make the interface smoother and avoid freezes.

However, despite the fact that the developers aimed for 30 frames per second, they do not deny that 60 FPS will not hurt the game, so they will continue to work on optimization.

Our simulation is also built around an expected update rate given 30fps. However, it does not hurt to get 60 fps as it can contribute to better visuals in relation to temporal effects so while our target is 30fps, we don’t intend on limiting or stopping the optimization work just because we reach it on recommended hardware, we just don’t believe there would be a long term benefit in setting the target to 60fps, especially because we face rendering challenges both from close up and far distances.

We remind you that Cities: Skylines 2 was released on October 24 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.