A new battery recycling machine is capable of diagnosing the state of a power source in seconds. Antoine Welter, co-founder and CEO of the Luxembourg-based startup Circu Li-ion, spoke about the development of the machine, writes TechCrunch.

“We know exactly which cell can be reused and which one can’t,” he explained the importance of the development.

The machine identifies the condition of the battery by its appearance using artificial intelligence and a battery database. It separates electrochemical cells from other cells and determines their condition.

Items in excellent or even satisfactory condition can be reused, but those that fail the test are eventually recycled.

In addition, the machine avoids the loss of valuable materials during recycling. The Circu Li-ion technology ensures that the materials are not destroyed but reused.

“There’s a lot of valuable materials that we can take away that don’t need to land in a shredder,” said Antoine Welter.

By the way, the International Energy Agency, which analyzes data for global energy policy, has previously estimated that the world may face a lithium shortage by 2025.