The Japanese Motor Show is coming up, so local companies are doing their best. For example, Toyota has announced another concept car, and it is quite unusual: it is a relatively compact Toyota EPU pickup truck with a load-bearing body.

In fact, rumors of such a pickup truck from Toyota have been circulating for a long time. And the segment is gradually taking shape: there are already several similar “passenger” pickups with load-bearing bodies. But in the case of the Toyota EPU concept, the Japanese also add electrification – yes, it will be an electric pickup!

The main dimensions of the Toyota EPU are already known: the length will reach 5.07 meters, and the wheelbase will stretch to 3.35 meters, which is clearly visible from the position of the rear wheels. It is also possible not only to open, but also to transform the rear side of the body.

However, it is not yet known which of these will be put into mass production and when it will happen.