Google is preparing to test a new feature in the Chrome browser. This is IP Protection, which is designed to enhance user privacy by hiding their IP addresses, writes BleepingComputer.

While IP addresses are potential vectors for tracking, they are also indispensable for important web functions such as traffic routing, fraud prevention, and other network tasks.

The IP Address Protection feature helps block the ability to track IP addresses by routing third-party traffic from specific domains through proxy servers, making user IP addresses invisible to those domains.

As the ecosystem evolves, so will IP Protection, adapting to continue to protect users from cross-site tracking and add additional domains to proxy traffic.

“Chrome is reintroducing a proposal to protect users against cross-site tracking via IP addresses. This proposal is a privacy proxy that anonymizes IP addresses for qualifying traffic as described above,” reads a description of the IP Protection feature,” says the feature description.

Testing and deployment of the feature is planned to be implemented in several stages. The developers intend to take into account regional peculiarities. The tests are planned to be conducted between Chrome 119 and Chrome 225.