Google Photos will now automatically back up RAW photos on Android. This was noticed by 9to5Google.

For Pixel 8 owners, a banner has appeared in the Photos app stating that all new RAW photos will now appear in the app’s gallery and be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Google Photos will automatically create backups for RAW photos

In the app, photos will be labeled RAW in the upper right corner, and when users open them, they will have several options: view in JPEG format, export the photo in this format, or keep the photo in this format only.

Meanwhile, the standard RAW folder that used to be on the Pixel is now meaningless, as new photos in this format will not be displayed there. In Photos itself, you can’t view photos in RAW format only either.

Currently, this feature has been noticed only on Android devices, and Google has not officially commented on the changes in the application.