The second season of Diablo IV, Season of Blood, has started. At the same time, it started with a slight delay due to the launch of the game on Steam.

Just like in the first season, players will get a new quest line, new bosses at the end of the game, a new seasonal event, a new armor set, new cosmetics, new vampire skills, and more. Of course, a new battle pass is also available, both free and two Premium options.

Season of Blood has started in Diablo IV, and the game is finally out on Steam

As for the release of Diablo IV on Steam, the game is offered with a 25% discount for only 1,836 UAH in the basic version. Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Edition are more expensive – UAH 2 361 and 2 624, respectively.

But it seems that there are not many people who want to do it. Diablo IV, which was released last night, currently has a Steam rating of 55/100 with only 435 reviews and Steam online of 4 195 players.