Microsoft is ready to pay users up to $15 thousand if they can find malfunctions or errors in Bing’s artificial intelligence, reports Bleeping Computer.

Rewards will be given to those who can find important or critical errors or bugs in which Bing manipulates findings and data, or discloses confidential information.

In addition, users are also encouraged to report cases where they can change the behavior of an AI conversation in a way that could affect other users, or where users can bypass security measures to remember cross-conversations and delete history.

Microsoft also wants to know when users manage to uncover Bing’s internal mechanisms, decision-making processes, and learn confidential information. And, of course, when users were able to circumvent the rules and restrictions on communication with artificial intelligence.

All the requirements and details of the new bug bounty can be found on the official Microsoft website.

In past bug hunts, Microsoft has paid $13.8 million to 345 users who found critical faults and bugs between 17 different similar programs.