Lionsgate Studio and distributor Adastra Cinema presented the Ukrainian trailer of the new action movie Silent Night from the master of hurricane action, the legendary John Woo.

And although the plot of Silent Night is not original, it is just another story about a father’s revenge for his son’s death, it is still an unusual movie – it has no dialogues at all.

“This is a very interesting movie. It has no dialogues. This allowed me to use visual effects to tell the story, to convey the feelings of the character. We use music instead of speech. This movie is about vision and sound. I had to use a new technique,” says John Woo about the film.

The film’s specialty is the soundtrack composed by the outstanding Marco Beltrami, who has worked on music for such films as Scream, Resident Evil, A Quiet Place, World War Z, I, Robot, Snowpiercer, 3:10 to Yuma, Logan and others.

“It will be a brilliant move. John Woo has done an incredible job, Joel Kinnaman is a star and his performance is really a pleasure. There is no dialog in the movie, just music, ambient noise, background, chatter, and so on. But, it’s all together amazing. I can’t wait for you to see it,” says the composer.

The lead role in Silent Night was played by actor Ewen Kinnaman, known for his roles in the series Altered Carbon and For All Mankind.

Silent Night will be released in Ukraine on November 30, 2023.