Controversy erupted among the design community over the poster for the second season of the Loki series. This is because it could have been at least partially created using generative artificial intelligence, writes The Verge.

If you look closely at the poster, you can see the image of a clock in the background. According to illustrator Katria Raden, it has signs of being used by AI.

Poster for the second season of Loki is criticized due to possible use of AI

X platform users also noticed that the background on the poster was similar to the image fromShutterstock titled “Surreal infinity of time, spiral, space, antiques”.

The user @thepokeflutist, who purchased the image, said it appeared only this year. It does not contain metadata to verify its origin, but several scanning tools have indicated that the image was created by AI.

Локі Loki

Some users also believe that the poster contains other elements created by AI. These are miniature characters around Loki.

As you know, the second season of Loki premiered on Disney+ on October 6. New episodes of the series will be released here every week.