NVIDIA plans to release a new RTX 4080 TI graphics card in early 2024. This was reported by an insider of MEGAsizeGPU.

TI’s RTX 4080 will be based on the AD102 GPU, with a power consumption of less than 450 watts. It is not known how much power the new card will require, but for comparison, the regular RTX 4080 requires 320 watts.

The RTX 4080, equipped with the AD103 GPU, uses only 9728 CUDA cores out of the available 10240. In comparison, the RTX 4090, based on the same AD103 processor, uses 16384 cores. So TI’s RTX 4080 will be aimed at closing this gap.

As already mentioned, the new graphics card will be released in early 2024 and will cost about the same as a regular RTX 4080.