Polish studio 11 bit studios has presented a new trailer and screenshots from the sci-fi game The Alters.

In the trailer, we get to meet different versions of Jan Dolsky, clone alter-eggs of a laborer trying to survive on a hostile planet. Jan has to repair the damaged base and return home, which is why he needs alter-eggs, each of which can become a specialist in a different field of activity.

As you can see from the video and screenshots, The Alters is a base-building and survival strategy game in which you can control individual alters on missions. The planet Ian finds himself on revolves around a giant sun and the conditions here are constantly deteriorating, so it looks like it will be a kind of Frostpunk in reverse – a race against time surrounded by radiation and extreme temperatures. Another important part of the game is trying to get along with other versions of yourself to achieve a common goal. It should be interesting.

The Alters will be released in 2024 on Windows PC (EGS, GOG, Steam) and the latest generation consoles. The game will have Ukrainian localization (subtitles) right from the release. Thank you, 11 bit studios!