Blackbird Interactive, the developers of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, HardspaceShipbreaker and the upcoming Homeworld 3, showed a gameplay trailer for another of their projects, a turn-based roguelike strategy game Earthless.

It seems that Earthless is a kind of Slay the Spire, but with science fiction instead of fantasy and space instead of a tower.

The Earth has been destroyed and you, as the captain of a generational ship, must lead the remnants of humanity to a new home. To do so, you’ll have to explore space, fight treacherous enemies, upgrade your ship, and lead your team. And, of course, in the process, collect a deck of combat cards and use them on the battlefield.

Earthless will be released in Steam Early Access in 2014. For 12 months, the game will be tested and new content will be added, such as new factions, cards, story campaigns, etc. Currently, Earthless already has more than 50 maps, one storyline, and 100 ship and artifact upgrades.

Blackbird Interactive has a knack for science fiction, so we recommend adding Earthless to your Wish List.