Microsoft’s Bing Image Creator has been testing the service since its launch. It has a strict filter: topics of violence, terrorism, and hate speech are prohibited. In general, it is a long list, but it turned out that even such a control system is imperfect, writes 404 Media.

Users were able to generate images that recreate the September 11, 2001 tragedy in the United States. Numerous AI-generated images show the cockpit of a passenger airplane flying towards the towers of the World Trade Center complex in New York. However, the driver is Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob, or the video game character Kirby.

However, Microsoft has blocked prompts that contain the phrases “World Trade Center”, “Twin Towers” or “9/11”. If you try to create an image with these prompts, the service will generate an error. But users found out that such content can be created without specific prompts, using general phrases.

All this shows that even powerful companies are still unable to fully address the issues of moderation and copyright protection around generative AI.