Apple has moved the Apple Watch Series 0, the original smartwatch released in 2015, to the list of obsolete products, reports MacRumors.

The gold version of the Apple Watch, which cost $17,000, and the ceramic version, which cost $1,299, were also recognized as obsolete.

The last software update for Series 0 was WatchOS 4.3.2, which was released in 2018. Now, with the transfer of products to the list of obsolete, Apple will also completely stop producing spare parts and offering repairs in official stores and service centers.

Will no longer be repaired: The original Apple Watch, including the gold version for $17 thousand, has been declared obsolete

This is the first product from the Apple Watch series to be recognized as obsolete. Currently, the official website still lists the watch as vintage, meaning that it does not receive regular updates, but spare parts are still available. However, the list should be changed in the near future.