After a fairly successful July, when the percentage of Steam users on Linux rose to almost 2%, outpacing MacOS, Linux lost ground in August, dropping to 1.82%, and in September to 1.63%.

Detailed statistics from Steam Survey on Linux show that SteamOS Holo, the operating system running Steam Deck, lost 1.14% of the market, while Arch Linux gained 0.4%. Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS 64 Bit gained the most among the systems, rising by 3.58%.

The share of Steam users on Linux continues to fall for the second month in a row

AMD remains the main hardware for Linux. 70% of players use their processors, although Intel gained 1.09% over the past month.

In addition to Linux, the market share of MacOS also dropped to 1.43%, while Windows continues to gain an even larger audience and has 96.9% of all users.

The likely reason for the decrease in Steam’s market share on Linux may be the overall monthly increase in users, who, according to statistics, mostly choose Microsoft Windows as their gaming system.