The media outlet AUTOCAR reports that Volkswagen has confirmed the production of a new compact electric car. So far, only the general details are known: production at the same plant as the Volkswagen ID.3, a “bold” design and increased ground clearance. The first design sketches combine the front end of the Volkswagen ID.2all concept with the proportions of the existing Volkswagen T-Roc.

It’s very similar to the history of the Volkswagen Golf and Volkswagen T-Roc: two related models, a common platform and similar dimensions, but the crossover stands out due to its increased body height. However, now all of this is adjusted for the electric nature: consider that we have hints of Volkswagen ID.2X or Volkswagen T-Roc EV.

That is, we may get an electric crossover that will occupy an intermediate position between the Volkswagen ID.2 and ID.3, and it will be much smaller than the ID.4 – but this will not happen soon: the launch of the new product is expected only in 2026.