During Paris Fashion Week, Humane showed a new functional device with a camera and a projection screen. It’s called Humane Ai Pin and has attracted the attention of the tech industry since the TED 2023 conference in April, writes 9to5Google.

Now you can finally learn more about the mysterious device. It is made in the form of a rounded square with a raised corner. The surface of the case, which houses the camera and screen, acts as a button. It can be black or white.

In size, Humane Ai Pin is a bit like Google Clips, a miniature camera with artificial intelligence developed by Google.

Humane shows a mysterious Humane Ai Pin device – it looks like a Google Clips camera

However, the Humane Ai Pin is interesting not only for its futuristic design but also for its magnetic power system. Given the company’s patents, we can conclude that the battery is hidden under the clothes. And thanks to magnets, it is attracted to the device body.

The new device is powered by Qualcomm’s advanced Snapdragon platform, does not require mandatory connection to a smartphone, and guarantees optical recognition thanks to artificial intelligence. It is expected that a Qualcomm XR/VR/AR processor, such as the Snapdragon AR2 Gen 1, can be integrated into it. The company is preparing to reveal the full functionality of Ai Pin on November 9.

In the spring, Humane announced a new round of $100 million in investments and partnerships with OpenAI and Microsoft.