Mark Zuckerberg gave an interview to Lex Friedman. The conversation was extraordinary because it took place in virtual reality, and its participants used photorealistic Codec Avatars by Meta, writes Upload VR.

Both Mark and Lex used Quest Pro VR headsets during their interviews at Metaverse. One of its features is the ability to track eye movement, which allows you to follow your gaze.

During the interview, Lex Friedman repeatedly expressed a sense of shock. According to him, he felt as if Mark Zuckerberg was really there for him. At one point, he even forgot that the Meta CEO’s avatar was not a real person.

As you know, Codec Avatars is an ongoing research project at Meta. It aims to improve remote communication by creating convincing photorealistic avatars. Thanks to a headset that tracks human facial expressions, communication should be as real as possible. Meta first announced the ambitious project in 2019.