Nissan has presented its new concept with a somewhat strange name – Nissan 20-23. But in fact, this name encodes the 20th anniversary of the European design center NDE, where the concept was created. It also hints at the realities of 2023 and the modern times of total electrification.

If we multiply all this by Nissan’s participation in Formula E racing, we get the idea of a modern embodiment of a youthful “hot” hatchback. But now it has become electric.

In fact, there is no information about the technical design of the Nissan 20-23 – it is a concept. Instead, the developers propose to focus on the exterior design, a sporty cockpit with a steering wheel, and elaborate aerodynamics: just look at the air ducts behind and the large wing.

But maybe we should actually look at the Nissan 20-23 concept car in general? Its compact dimensions, hatchback body, rounded headlights and lights all hint at… Is it really possible that the Nissan Micra will return?