ChatGPT chatbot has received a major update. It has been taught to understand voice commands, respond with a synthesized voice, and recognize images, reports The Verge.

The voice command function will be somewhat similar to a conversation with Alexa or Google Assistant. However, OpenAI hopes that ChatGPT’s responses will be better due to the advanced technology.

To use the feature, the user will ask a question by voice, and ChatGPT will convert it to text. It will also convert the answer into speech and speak it aloud. Transcription will be provided by the Whisper algorithm, and the neural network voice can be selected from five available options.

The image recognition feature also looks interesting. The updated chatbot will be able to analyze visual queries and prepare answers. It will be possible to draw on the image, which will help to specify the user’s question.

Meanwhile, the image recognition feature will have certain limitations. For example, for privacy reasons, OpenAI has limited ChatGPT’s ability to analyze queries about people. So, you shouldn’t expect the chatbot to answer the question “Who is the person in the photo?”.

First, these features will be available to paid subscribers, and later to other users.

As a reminder, the use of ChatGPT has increased again since the start of the school year.