Google has announced the relaunch of its free online course AI Fundamentals. It consists of 36 short practical videos with an average duration of 5 minutes. Registration for the updated course is open at the link.

The video explains how to use artificial intelligence for work, business, and everyday life, even without programming skills.

After completing the course, participants will understand:

  • What tasks can artificial intelligence be used for?
  • What risks should be taken into account when working with AI and what principles are used to ensure responsible use of this technology;
  • How to build AI business transformation strategies and the team that will implement them;
  • How to apply ready-made AI solutions in various fields – from marketing to catering management – even without coding knowledge.

The course can be completed at your own pace, as the videos are posted on the platform and can be viewed at any time. In addition, the platform has convenient supplementary materials that contain basic information from the videos and independent tasks so that the knowledge gained during the course can be immediately turned into action.

All attendees of the AI Fundamentals course will be able to receive a certificate of completion from Projector Institute with the support of Google.

The project was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the Office for Entrepreneurship and Export Development, the national project for entrepreneurship development Diia.Business, and the Projector Institute.

Google announced the AI Fundamentals course in the spring of this year, and it lasted from May to June. The course was viewed by 57 thousand Ukrainians. Google collected the basic practical information from this course, supplemented it, and posted it on the platform so that even more people who have heard about artificial intelligence but do not actively use it could acquire these skills.