Apple presented the iPhone 15 Pro only on September 12. It hasn’t started selling yet, but PBKreviews experts have already managed to look inside the device, writes The Verge.

They posted an 11-minute video on their YouTube channel. It starts with removing the front panel of the display using a suction cup and spatula.

The next step is to disconnect the screen from the smartphone body, and then disconnect several cables, including the power supply. At this point, you can see the iPhone 15 camera unit, which is held in place by three Phillips screws. The video also shows the front camera system, USB-C port, battery, and Taptic Engine.

Among other things, PBKreviews specialists demonstrated how to remove the glass back panel with a suction cup and a pry bar. Its replacement was made easier by the use of a new intermediate chassis. This should make it easier to diagnose and repair the device.