Hollywood screenwriters’ strike may end soon – there is a chance for a deal with movie studios

The Hollywood screenwriters’ strike may be about to end. That’s because in the near future, they may be able to conclude a new deal with movie studios. This is reported by The Verge with reference to CNBC host David Faber.

This is a strike that began in the spring. Back then, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) was unable to conclude a new agreement with the studios by May 1, and the previous contract expired.

On behalf of its members, the Guild is trying to negotiate a higher base salary, a minimum number of screenwriters on staff, etc. They also fight for contracts that will not allow artificial intelligence to replace screenwriters.

The Screenwriters Guild is in talks with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). The parties have now released a joint statement in which they announced a meeting that has taken place and another one that is planned. If they fail to finally reach an agreement this time, the strike is likely to last until next year.

As it is known, the strike had a negative impact on the film industry. For example, it caused the suspension of production of the fifth and final season of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things.