At the presentation of its new smartphones, Apple placed a special emphasis on the performance capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro as a gaming device and compared this experience to the corresponding consoles. Such a comparison is not an isolated case at the first demonstrations of updated flagships, so it always causes some skepticism.

However, this time things are really better than one might have thought at first.

The first reviews of the iPhone 15 Pro started appearing yesterday. In his video review

However, it is worth noting that even under such conditions, the game did not look so bad. And although Mr. Zhong noted that “the world-building is definitely not as good as playing on a smartphone,” and the effects are “definitely not the same as on a game console,” the recording still demonstrates that this type of leisure activity still has hope for the future.

At the presentation, Apple also mentioned the remake of Resident Evil 4, Death Stranding, and Assassin’s Creed Mirage, which will also be available for iPhone.

Given that the results of iPhone 15 Pro performance tests are already closely approaching even laptops (for example, in Marques Brownlee’s video, the iPhone 15 Pro in Geekbench can already “compete” with the Macbook Air M1), we can still imagine much more interesting games on smartphones than before. What’s more, you can stream such entertainment to a TV or external monitor while on vacation or when you’re on a business trip.

Apple has been mentioning games more and more lately, for example, macOS Sonoma, which will be released next week, will also have a game mode, and developers already have additional tools for porting games.