Steam, the popular digital game distribution service, is 20 years old!

The first version of Steam was launched on September 12, 2003, and at the time, when not everyone had fast and stable Internet access, it seemed like a complete nonsense. Many players considered the requirement to connect to Steam to be an infringement of their rights and had a very negative reaction to the new service, which was also plagued by glitches.

Time passed, and following Steam’s example, all publishers moved online, and Steam itself became a model for copying and almost a monopolist of the PC gaming market.

On the occasion of the anniversary, Steam thanks the players, developers, and publishers who have made it so successful and recalls the highlights of these 20 years. In the themed sale dedicated to the anniversary, you can buy games released in a given year since 2003, as well as remember the “good old days.”

What year did you join Steam and what was your first game on the service? The author joined only in 2009 with The Orange Box and Dark Messiah of Might & Magic.