Sony launches the Aibo Foster Parents program, which will place aging robotic dogs in medical facilities, nursing homes, and other organizations, writes The Verge.

The program envisages that they will be donated to institutions by owners of Aibo ERS-1000 robots who have canceled their basic Aibo Cloud Plan. Moreover, the robot can be repaired before being transferred to the institution.

Sony says it plans to charge Aibo’s “foster parents” an undisclosed service fee.

As you know, Aibo was not positioned exclusively as an emotional support device. But it can be used in this role – the ERS-1000 robot responds to voice and touch and has a camera in its nose that helps recognize family members. For people who cannot interact with a real dog, Aibo is a good option.

Meanwhile, Japan is known for its love of robots. Therefore, the program offered by Sony is also a good way to retire Aibo devices.