China and the United States are exchanging another round of trade war salvos, and it seems that China will simply copy everything the United States imposes on it. Now China has banned central government employees from using Apple iPhones at work, writes Insider with a reference to The Wall Street Journal. The ban applies not only to Apple, but also to smartphones of other foreign brands.

Government personnel have received these instructions from their superiors in recent weeks. It is unclear how many government agencies are covered by this ban, although media reports indicate that Beijing has restricted iPhone use among some categories of officials for years.

Such a ban could have a significant impact on Apple, as China is one of the company’s largest markets, accounting for almost 19% of Apple’s total revenue in 2022.

China’s ban on foreign-branded phones in government offices mirrors restrictions imposed by the United States, such as the ban on TikTok on government officials’ devices in some states.