AI will prepare summaries of work-related Slack conversations, which can be used for reports

Salesforce has announced the pilot launch of new generative artificial intelligence capabilities on the Slack platform, reports Engadget.

We are talking about Slack AI, which will be able to summarize conversations from work chats. It will be able to generate highlights from channels to show the user the most important part of the conversation. Such information can be used, for example, for a report or simply to keep abreast of what the conversation was about.

Slack AI will also be able to generate one-click summaries of threads for people who want to get the gist of specific conversations rather than the channel as a whole. Moreover, it will not limit itself to summarizing only the results, but will also suggest possible next steps that the user can take based on the comments and suggestions of other participants in the conversation.

Additionally, Slack AI will be able to provide in-depth answers when people search for information on the platform. Currently, Slack search only returns messages, files, and channels by keyword. However, Slack AI will be able to combine all of this into a package with a short description, making it easier to understand the data.

The company is expected to reveal more about Slack AI and other new products at its Dreamforce event, which will take place on September 12-14.

By the way, Slack has recently announced an interface update. This should make it easier for users to view the information they need to do their jobs.