Google has released a package of updates for its applications and services and unveiled a new Android logo, writes The Verge.

For example, the At a Glance widget has been redesigned and offers more useful information about local weather, events, and travel. The company has also updated Wallet to make it easier to upload passes with barcodes and QR codes by adding a photo import function.

At the same time, the Lookout app, which provides image descriptions for people with visual impairments or blindness, will now be able to better describe scenes and answer future questions. And Android Auto adds support for joining Zoom and Webex calls, though only in audio format.

As for the update of the Android logo, there are several changes at once. For example, it has a font close to the one used in the Google logo. In addition, Android will now be capitalized. Instead, the robot will look three-dimensional with color variations.

Google has updated the Android logo and released a package of updates for applications and services

It is worth mentioning that this is not the last news from Google this fall. On October 4, the company is planning its annual presentation, during which it is likely to unveil the next Pixel smartphones.