Microsoft wants to create a backpack with AI, it will be “stuffed” with cameras and microphones

Microsoft wants to create a backpack with artificial intelligence, Tom’s Hardware reports.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) approved the corresponding patent application, which the company filed back in May. According to Microsoft, the backpack will be equipped with numerous sensors on the shoulder straps. Potentially, cameras, microphones, GPS, and a compass will be installed here.

The corporation also considers it appropriate to add LEDs, speakers, and a tactile control system. For real-time data processing, it is proposed to install modules to recognize images, text, speech, faces, etc. The backpack will also have space for built-in memory, wireless communication, and a battery.

All of these features look really useful, as they will allow users to receive contextual information and analyze objects using AI. For example, the owner of a backpack will be able to book concert tickets or check prices for goods.

In addition, users will be able to literally address the backpack by communicating with the AI in a language. Some AI actions or contextual tasks can be initiated by sensors on the straps. The only thing is that, given all the possibilities, the weight of the backpack may be too high.

This is not the first attempt to create a smart backpack. For example, earlier, accessory manufacturer Targus introduced a backpack with a built-in Find My tracker.