Next week, Apple will hold another presentation of new products, including updated AirPods Pro headphones. However, the next model is unlikely to receive a large number of upgrades.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg mentions this in the latest issue of Power On.

Thus, one of the biggest updates of this year’s iPhone models, namely the abandonment of the proprietary Lightning port in favor of USB-C, will affect not only smartphones. According to Mr. Gurman, AirPods Pro will be the first Apple headphones to change the port to USB-C.

At the same time, the headphones are not expected to have any other significant updates this year. Of course, their functionality will be expanded with the update to iOS 17, as the company previously announced at WWDC, but all innovations will be implemented in software and will not require significant changes to the hardware.

З часом і простіші версії AirPods отримають нові кейси з USB-C, але AirPods Pro все ж стануть першою моделлю, яка позбудеться Lightning.