On October 1, Microsoft will separate Teams from Office 365 and Microsoft 365 in the European Union. In doing so, the company will finally fulfill the promise it made back in April, writes Engadget.

After that, the monthly cost of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 for European customers will be reduced by 2 euros. Instead, the cost of Teams itself will be €5 per month.

The move is the result of a three-year story. It began when Slack filed an antitrust complaint against its competitor, claiming that the inclusion of Teams in these packages was illegal and that Microsoft was preventing some users from getting rid of the program.

Earlier this year, the tech giant finally agreed to separate Teams from its suite, but it was unclear how and when this would happen. Eventually, in July, the European Commission launched an investigation into whether combining Teams with the company’s suites violates EU competition rules.

Now it looks like Microsoft is trying to be nice and fulfill its promise to avoid an EU antitrust fine.