On the eve of the Italian Grand Prix, Formula 2 showcased a new 2024 race car that will be used by the next generation of drivers to pave the way to Formula 1.

The new generation car, which will be in use until at least 2026, was designed to help those who aspire to get into Formula 1, so it was made as close as possible to the cars of the royal race. This applies to safety, appearance, internal systems, performance, stability and accessibility, and, importantly for modern Formula 1, a reasonable price.

Formula 2 presents the 2024 car

The upgrades should increase the number of wheel-to-wheel races. To achieve this, the car’s nose, front and rear wings, and underside configuration have been changed. It also meets the FIA 2024 specifications for braking, steering effort and ergonomics, taking into account a wide range of drivers and making the championship as accessible as possible.

The new car was developed again by the Italian company Dallara, which supplies cars for IndyCar, World Series by Nissan, World Series by Renault, FIA Formula 2 (formerly GP2 Series), FIA Formula 3 (GP3 Series), Super Formula and other series.

Formula 2 presents the 2024 car

As before, the car is powered by a 3.4-liter V-6 Mecachrome V634T 3.4L six-cylinder engine, but this time with support for the new synthetic biofuel from Aramco.

Formula 2 teams are to receive the first car by the end of December 2023, and the second in January 2024 on the eve of pre-season testing.

Formula 2 presents the 2024 car

Many observers and experts consider the Formula 2 championship, in which all drivers are in a more equal position than in Formula 1, to be more interesting and intense than the royal race. Almost 100% of modern Formula 1 drivers came to the championship from Formula 2 (GP2 Series).