Google Docs has a new paid feature for proofreading with artificial intelligence

Google Docs is introducing a new artificial intelligence proofreading feature. The tool is called Proofread, and it will replace the existing spelling and grammar checker, writes 9to5Google.

The company calls the feature “the next generation of AI-powered writing suggestions.” In addition to spelling and grammar suggestions, Proofread will offer users several additional tips:

  • Brevity – suggestions on how to make the text more concise;
  • Active voice – tips on how to make text more understandable;
  • Wording – recommendations on how to make the words in the text sound more dynamic or formal;
  • Split sentences – tips on how to split complex sentences to make text easier to read.

These suggestions are unobtrusive, so they won’t clutter up the user’s document.

The new tool aims to make documents clearer and more readable. It is paid and available as part of Duet AI for Workspace Enterprise.

Earlier it was reported that Google has decided to add its own support for electronic signatures to Google Docs and Google Drive. This feature is supported by many services, so Google’s decision is more of an offer of parity with its competitors than the creation of something new.