Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty is a Ukrainian wargame about the Soviet-Finnish wars

The Ukrainian turn-based wargame Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty by Starni Games, which tells the story of the Soviet-Finnish wars of 1939-1940 and 1941-1944 and the German-Finnish war of 1944-1945, has been released.

Commanding a small Finnish army, you have to fight back against a much stronger enemy and stop the Red invasion. The game has three historical campaigns for three consecutive wars that Finland fought in 1939-1945, as well as an alternative campaign in which you can help the Germans capture Leningrad and Murmansk (in reality, Field Marshal Mannerheim refused Hitler several times). Judging by the screenshots, the Finns have the ability to reach even Moscow.

Another strategy game in the series, Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg, once caused hysteria in the Russian media because of a German parade in Moscow after winning an alternative campaign, and the game was even banned in Russia. Something similar should be expected this time around.

Like the previous installments of the series, Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty features a large number of video cutscenes between missions and real historical figures, both in the video and as heroes on the battlefield. The game has a sophisticated enemy surveillance and detection system, different types of fire on equipment, extensive logistics, the ability to combine units, use headquarters abilities, and much more.

Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty is the fifth game in the Strategic Mind series released in 2019. In addition to these projects, in October 2022, Starni Games released a free collection of visual novels Ukraine War Stories dedicated to the events of the current Russian-Ukrainian war, and is currently working on the turn-based wargame Headquarters: World War II, which will be published by Slitherine.

Until September 4, 2023, Strategic Mind: Spirit of Liberty is available on Steam with a 15% discount at a price of UAH 339.